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JAPANESE SPEAKS | EPISODE 8: Happy meal and discussion.

スクリーンショット 2015-09-23 0.42.56 After the drag show, we decided to grab an early breakfast at McDonald’s and shared our opinion about the event.


スクリーンショット 2015-09-23 0.29.27 A drag queen is a person, usually male, who dresses in drag and often acts with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles. Often, they will exaggerate certain characteristics such as make-up … ▶個別ページへ


スクリーンショット 2015-08-17 2.45.14 Pacific Xtreme Combat (sometimes stylized as Pacific X-treme Combat) also known as (PXC), was established in 2004 on the US island territory of Guam,started in 2010 in Manila and since then, has set t … ▶個別ページへ


スクリーンショット 2015-08-03 18.01.00 Boodle fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on th … ▶個別ページへ


スクリーンショット 2015-07-10 15.38.54 Binatog or boiled white corn kernels is a popular Filipino snack and street food. This is made by soaking mature white corn in water and salt until puffed. The soaked corns are then boiled until the s … ▶個別ページへ


スクリーンショット 2015-07-10 15.22.17 Sisig is a popular Filipino dish made with minced pork skin and organ, onions and chili. It’s best enjoyed with beer.   シーシックは人気のあるフィリピン料理です。豚の表皮や臓器、玉ねぎ、チリが含まれています。ビールとの相性は最高^^!  


スクリーンショット 2015-06-30 18.12.21 His hobby is playing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts); he’s overflowing with masculinity. Would you let him do your makeup for a day? Teacher Karen did, let’s see the results.   生徒さんの趣味は総合格闘技 … ▶個別ページへ


スクリーンショット 2015-06-24 1.23.03 Ginataang halo-halo is a popular native Filipino dessert made with glutinous rice, banana, sweet potato, tapioca, jack fruit and coconut milk. It’s very nutritious and people of all ages enjoy t … ▶個別ページへ
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