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Hi,English learners. Pleasure to meet you all. If you are looking for an interactive, enjoyable and systematic class, well, you’re on right page. I’m teacher Shane and I’ve been teaching English to non-native speakers for 6 years now. I have experienced a lot when it comes teaching both on-line and off-line. And I greatly believe that my experience can help you more in achieving your English goals.
You can learn more about English grammars, pronunciation rules and a lot more but also having fun in our class. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your slot now and experience an amazing class with me. I’ll see you all, bye.




Hi, Sherly here. You can call me Shei. Does English seem to be boring and difficult? Well, not with me. Here, I guarantee you that English is not just a tool for communication or something that you need to pass the exam or land a job, but also a tool and fun and interesting way to discover so many things. I’m so excited to meet you and I’m sure now you are too!




Hi.I’m teacher nathalie and I’m a self-professed nerd. As a teacher I help my students by constantly anticipating and preparing for their learning needs. I actually go beyond the bounds of textbooks if necessary. And whenever possible,I try to teach by painting a picture because students learn best when there is context— when they can clearly visualize the usage and nuances of the language. Moreover, self-confidence is important in developing language skills and so I always, always motivate my students inside and outside of the classroom.