Merry Christmas! I just wanna thank you all for coming to EB Christmas Party tonight.



Well, I wanna tell you three stories. It’s not a big deal, just three stories.



The fiirst story is about PROBLEMS. In fact, everybody has problems. Sometimes they are serious and sometimes they’re not. For the last six years of EB history, I’ve had countless ultra serious problems. Belive it or not, I cried so many times.. ><. Yup, crying is not a good event originally. But I realize that crying event is a great opportunity to improve myself. In fact, whenever I cried, I was able to develop myself faster. If I hadn’t changed myself, EB might become extinct already.. Luckily and fortunately, and thanks to everybody, I was able to change myself and I am still here at EB in the Philippines. I believe what I experienced is applicable to everybody. So I want you guys to think that whenever you have problems, you can stand and try to solve them with utmost effort instead of giving up easily. And I think we should think crying events are good chances to improve ourselves so that we don’t have to feel so sad, right?



The second story is about “thinking of others”. When we are busy, we are likely to forget to think of others. Actually, for the last six years, I’ve been very busy most of the time. So I couldn’t think of others sometimes especially when I thought EB might get bankrupt soon.. As some of you know already, if we don’t think of others, situation tends to get worse. So the thing is that even if we are very busy, it’s better to think of others. To be honest, I easily forgot to think of others whenever I was super busy before. But since I learned a lot from the last six years, now I can manage to spare time to think of others. If there’s someone here who’s very busy and has no time to think of others, I encourage you to pay attention to my story.



The third story is about DREAM. Dream can lead us to the better place and even it can strengthen and improve us surely. Well, EB is my dream. I’ve wanted to keep EB all the time. In fact I was able to improve myself faster for the last six years compared to any other time in my life. It’s because of EB’s existence. In other words, EB improves myself. I feel EB can improve myself a lot more if I can keep EB for a long time. So I’ll do my best to make EB better and better for its survival and even for my further self-development.


When I was twenty years old, I read a success philosophy book written by a famous author. The book says if we stick to dream for a long time, it will come true. I think many of you know this idea. And I know many of you might think it’s not true. Yes, I agree with you somehow. Even if we stick to dream, it might not be able to come true possibly. But I wanna tell you my idea. Don’t you think sticking to dream is already meaningful and even valuable for us? If we think about consequence too much, we might feel tired, stressed and even frustrated. But if we can enjoy everyday of sticking to dream regardless of consequence, we don’t have to be worried about anything. Am I correct? Hope many of you can enjoy sticking to your dream or goal or objective to make your life more meaningful and enjoyable. Thanks for your attention to my speech. Merry Christmas!


 shaun christmas speech

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